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Syma S032 Coaxial RC Helicopter Review

Nowadays, more parents are aware of the importance of giving their children educational toys.
With these toys, children can have lots of fun and learn new things at the same time.
Remote control or RC toys do not seem educational at first glance, but they actually help children develop their fine motor skills.
The Syma S032 RC helicopter would make an ideal birthday or Christmas present for your teenage son.
Not only does it help improve your son's motor skills, but it also teaches him cool things like the many different parts of a helicopter and how the toy works without any wires.
Most RC toys are complicated, but the Syma S032 is easy to fly, perfect for beginners.
The frame is made of highly durable aluminum alloy that is strong yet light weight.
The all-round 3 channel transmitter allows the user to navigate the helicopter forward, backward, up, down, right and left, while the gyro system allows for easy and precise control.
The Syma S032 RC helicopter can fly up to 12 minutes when fully charged.
The maximum flying height is 30 m and the control range is between 50 to 100 m.
As mentioned previously, the alloy frame is tough and it has been proven to withstand multiple crashes.
But if any of the parts such as the Syma S032 tail rotor get damaged or broken due to a crash, you can always buy spare parts easily from the internet.
The RC helicopter is ideal for outdoor use and thanks to its compact size, it is perfect for indoor flying as well.
However, due to its light weight, it can easily get blown away by wind.
So if your son wants to fly it outdoors, do make sure that the weather is ideal for flying.
The Syma S032 comes with a transmitter (with antenna), one 3.
7v 500 mAh battery for the helicopter, one spare tail blade, one screwdriver, one 110v - 220v charger, and an instruction manual.
There are two color options available: Fiery Dragon red and Snow Dragon silver.
The transmitter requires four AA batteries that can be purchased separately.
The manufacturer's age recommendation is 14 years and above, hence this toy is not suitable for young children.
Do remember to charge the helicopter 150 - 180 minutes before first use.
Your child will not be disappointed with this very cool remote control helicopter.
He can fly it from the apartment balcony, or out in the backyard.
Most importantly, it is easy to use and so much fun.

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