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How to Make Halo Vehicles in Banjo Kazooie

    • 1). Play through the game and collect as many vehicle parts as possible. The greater your available options, the more accurate your Halo recreations will be.

    • 2). Enter "Mumbo's Motors" at the center of town to access the vehicle construction interface.

    • 3). Look to the images of Halo vehicles for basic size and shape. It is usually a good idea to start with vehicle wheels, driver seating and propulsion. Once these components are in place, you can hide engines and fuel behind the cosmetic surface of the vehicle, similarly to a NASCAR.

      For example, use four large monster truck tires if you're building a Warthog. Place a driver's seat and passenger's seat towards the back, and several large engines in front. Build the chassis around these parts, using your images as a guide.

    • 4). Add the appropriate armaments. For instance, the machine gun atop a Warthog can be replicated by using an Egg-Shooter, while the main barrel of a Scorpion would require something much larger.

    • 5). Increase the scale of the vehicle if you want more detail. Halo vehicles are streamlined and futuristic, so use the slanted and triangular surface pieces to avoid a blocky look. Use rod and bar pieces for thin components of your vehicles, such as the roof bar on the Warthog.

    • 6). Match the color of different pieces on your constructions to the true Halo vehicles. Don't underestimate this step. Even a perfect reconstruction of a Banshee painted yellow and green will never look like its Halo counterpart.

    • 7). Constantly rotate the camera around your creation to ensure symmetry and accuracy to the Halo images. A construction may look spot on from one angle, but horribly deformed from another. Almost all Halo vehicles are symmetrical along the central horizontal, so be sure to copy your construction from one side to the other.

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