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Lose 1 Pound a Day

Wouldn't it be nice if you could follow a diet program that enables you to lose 1 pound a day? What if there was a diet in which you could lose 1 pound a day: - by being able to eat more food, not less? - by being able to eat as much food as you want at every meal, without regard for counting calories, carbohydrates, or fats? - by being able to eat a typical diet just like a "normal person" typically would, rather than having to follow one of those specialized fad diets? - without ever having to go to the gym or without ever having to break a sweat? - while following a diet program that you create, to suit your own personal tastes? - while following a diet program that gives you the flexibility to take 3 days off from the diet every 2 weeks? - while following a diet program that leaves you feeling satisfied and keeps you motivated to stay keep going? These are just some of the characteristics of a relatively new, but well-known diet phenomenon that has gained widespread popularity among millions of people, across the world, known as the Calorie Shifting diet.
Unlike other diet routines that require you to make some sort of sacrifice and undergo the hardships associated with going hungry, ignoring your cravings for food, and facing temptation, caving into stress, social pressure, and treating food as a source of "comfort", the Calorie Shifting diet creates a balance in your life by requring you to adhere to a strict diet while at the same time, affording you the flexibility you need in order to stay motivated to maintain the diet.

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