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How to Make Your Own Fish Tank

    • 1). Clean out the glass vase with plenty of fresh water. Do not use dish detergent because this is known to be poisonous for fish. The best way to check if the vase is big enough for your purpose is to verify that it holds one gallon of water and still is only a little more than halfway full.

    • 2). Fit a clear plastic lid over the top. The goal is to have a nearly invisible barrier that prevents your Betta from jumping out of his decorative tank. Since Bettas spend a lot of time at the top of the tank rather than swimming around the bottom, this is a very real danger.

    • 3). Poke a few holes into the lid with your scissors. Make them small enough for the Betta to stay put, but large enough to let air circulate freely. Make one hole big enough to fit your clear straw through.

    • 4). Trim the straw to be short enough so it only pokes out through the top of the lid and slightly below the lid.

    • 5
      Glass pebbles; picture courtesy of Simmonds

      Add decorations to your tank. The best kinds hands down are glass pebbles. In a pinch, marbles will do nicely as well. The offsetting colors but similar materials make for a spectacular contract in your vase fish tank while at the same time showing off the colors of your Betta. Be sure to rinse off the pebbles or marbles before putting them in the vase!

    • 6). Attach a lifelike plastic plant to the lid. If it has big leaves, you might want to let them hang down on the outside of the vase to obscure the fact that there are no roots or stems inside the fish tank. This also provides some shade and hiding spots for your fish.

    • 7). Tie a ribbon around the vase to hide the sight of the straw. You will use the straw to drop through it the Betta’s daily ration of pellets.

    • 8). Pour a gallon of drinking water into the vase tank. Ideally, this should be commercially bought filtered drinking water that is neither distilled nor fortified with minerals.

    • 9). Add your Betta fish and then place the fish tank you just made in a nice spot on your mantle or other area where there is indirect sunlight.

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