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Costume Ideas Teenagers Will Like

Coming up with costume ideas for teens can be difficult, but going off popular concepts like movie characters, or twisting around clich© ideas is a great way to make a good costume.

It may seem like a daunting task to put together an effective joker costume is actually quite simple when you understand what goes into it. For the clothing you want dark bottom such as pants, you want a light long sleeved shirt with a tan or brown vest over top of that. You also want a nice size brightly colored trenchcoat over top of all that. Purple is the color of choice and that will look the best with the costume. To finish it off make your entire face very white with makeup, adds some accentuating black marks around her eyes, and a bright smiley face drawn with red lipstick across your face. You should put away spray in your hair as well.

Getting the outfit right is the major concern with this costume. For the top hat make sure you find the largest and oldest looking one that you can, and get a nice bright ribbon to put around the base of the hat. For the pants you want them to be pinstriped, and they should also be sure so that you can see most of your socks. The Sox should be very long and brightly colored. You will need a brown suit coat and you will also need an off the wall scarf to turn into the bow in the front of the costume.

Compared to the outfit itself the makeup is an easy task. Begin with a thick white coating on the entirety of your face. Add pink makeup underneath your eyes as well as on each of your cheeks. Add in additional bright color a bald each of your eyes but make sure that the to bright colors are different from one another. You also need to come up with a bright orange wig and tease it so that it sticks up everywhere.

A zombie prom Queen is a nice twist on the standard costume that has been used for years. To begin with make yourself look like an everyday prom queen. This means nice shoes, a very large cookie dress, and a tiara. After you have completed the transformation to prom queen, and zombie makeup to your face that makes your flesh with gray and black, and then put on your face to complete the outfit.

Becoming a secret agent is one of the quickest and easiest costumes that you can have. You will need a nice spy worthy tuxedo, a good set of large glasses, and a fake pistol. And that completes the outfit, unless you want to add a briefcase or a top hat into the mix to make it more original.

There is only one thing cooler than a secret agent, and that is a zombie agent. Stick with the same costume as you would for a secret agent, but go all out on your makeup so that you look like a zombie.

Hopefully these costume ideas will get your pick teen started on their next Halloween and they will probably even save you some time or maybe some money as well..

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