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How To Avoid Google Slap

What is the Google slap and how do you avoid the Google slap? The Google slap is a situation where by Google adwords makes your keywords inactive and stops your traffic. The reason behind this is that, many users have complained due their experience. The offenders include landing pages, sales letters and web sites with similar content and many adverts. The need for being liked by Google is the top priority of every web marketer. The people who will be most often caught in this Google slap will be marketers who have obvious sales letters things such as work from home or get rich quick chances. Google wants to go far to stop affiliate links from affiliate marketers. We are no longer in the days of photocopy websites, incarcerate pages, and affiliate marketing sales letters. This what Google basically refers to as The Google slap. Be it for genuine traffic to their sites or increase site ranking. On every network marketers mind is Google. From website update to block boaster design concept. Thus the reason why each and every web marketer searches for ways to avoid Google slap.
Google constantly changes it algorithms, this causes network marketers with the option of being slapped or get suspended. This causes them to be sent off and even not certain on how they could win back that much needed traffic and genuine leads. It is advisable not to try and trick Google because it wont work despite the many myths circulating the web concerning Google slap. To avoid Google slap is just by getting a new website and create new Google Adwords from the beginning.
The first way to avoid Google slap is to play by the roles always. It could be stupid and boring but you cant change from what Google wants to be done.
Secondly, carry on the same conversation in the search. This is basically means that you should put exactly that keyword people are typing in the search. Let your landing page continue the conversation and this convinces Google that your information is relevant.
Thirdly, the big secret is having an aged domain name. An old domain name builds trust and guarantees traffic most of the time.
Each time you market on the internet make sure Google is your best friend and that Google is happy. Avoid cheating Google system because they will trace it and you will ramification could be grievous. They could have their account suspended or forbidden forever. This can incapacitate your business and am sure you do not want that to happen. Build your site on blogging platform like Wordpress. Your site also has to have a Google sitemap. Always use the proper keywords and Meta tags on your website. Have a registered domain name and it should not be cheesy but generic. Get high ranking back links to your site from social sites such as Facebook, MySpace. Create outbound links to high profile articles and websites. Most importantly avoid talking about money on your website as this is the fastest means to have a Google slap. I do hope this article will be helpful to you and in your business. For further explanation dont hesitate to click on Atlanta search engine optimization , Website marketing , Offshore staffing

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