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Brain exercises: your brain is like a muscle, make sure you work it out!

So, you feel as though memory hasn't been serving you right? Are you worried you may be getting old and losing your mental power? I think there are too many people who just surrender too easily to memory loss, since they assume it's a natural part of aging. I also think this is a stupid thing to do, since the brain is not unlike any other muscle: in the sense that it can be strengthened by using the appropriate brain exercises... or it can atrophy in the absence of appropriate stimulus.

For some of you, the whole concept of brain exercises may sound a little strange. I should say that's too bad for you! That sort of reasoning won't encourage you to keep flexing those mental muscles, so there's a good chance your memory will indeed get weaker as you grow older. I understand most people tend to disregard the potential that can be attained from doing appropriate brain exercises, but I've found from personal experience that improving concentration and remembrance is indeed very much possible, with the right mind exercises.

Here's a good example: when I was younger (up to my twenties), I never memorized phone numbers. Never once, regardless of the simplicity of the number. When I was in college though, I read a magazine article that shifted my perception on how memory works, and I started putting together some routines to improve my skills at memorizing numbers. Nowadays, almost 20 years later, I should say I have gotten so good at this, that I seldom fail to memorize new phone numbers... without even trying. Memorizing numbers has just become second nature for me, but I think the main reason it works is because I have changed the way I look at numbers in the past decades.

And truth of the matter is that I've been doing specific number-based brain exercises without even knowing about it! I recently decided to invest in a digital guide focused on brain exercises, and I was quite thrilled to know there was a section in it that described similar processes to those I've been using instinctively to memorize numbers. It just makes me think that I can drastically strengthen my mind power, so I can't wait to try out these new techniques. And I think you should try them, as well.

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