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Stamford Dentists Using Modern Technology

There are many new and exciting technologies being used in dental offices. Stamford dentists are very well versed in many of these new technologies. Some offices make use of new laser technology. Other offices use 3-D imaging with their x-ray machines. There are also new ways of administering anesthesia with more accuracy. All of these technologies are useful because it makes procedures faster and more comfortable.

Laser technology is a new and exciting way for dentists to take care of teeth. Stamford dentists can use laser technology to do things like remove plaque and stains. This is a new way to whiten teeth that many people find more appealing than bleaching or whitening trays. It is also pain free. Many people have sensitive teeth and avoid going to the dentist for this reason. This new technology though helps these people to have clean white teeth. Some lasers even work with the combination of water or sound waves. Stamford dentists like this new technology because it is pain free and helps to bring a healthy smile to more people.

Another new and helpful tool is 3-D imaging. Stamford dentists can use this to get a better picture of a person's tooth before doing anything. When this is combined with x-ray technology it can be a very powerful tool in helping to restore a tooth. A dentist can have an exact mold of what needs to be replaced when making a crown. A Stamford dentist could even one day make dentures for a patient that exactly models their old mouth. It allows for the best possible view of a mouth and when is happening on every tooth's surface area. If one were to compare a tooth to the earth, it would be like dentists only had maps before and now they have globes. It makes a big difference in the quality of work.

Another exciting new tool for Stamford dentists to use is The Wand. It is a new way for dentist to administer anesthesia without using a scary or painful syringe. Many people prefer their dentists to use The Wand over a syringe for those reasons. Stamford dentists find it easier to use with children as well. Not only does it make the process less scary for them, it also makes it easier for the dentist who is working in a small area. This is because it is also much more accurate than traditional methods. For these reasons many dentists have adopted this new piece of technology for administering anesthesia.

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