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There Are Several Things to Do in Florida

For the ultimate family holiday, or even for the ultimate romantic retreat or thrill-seeking adventure, Florida is hard to beat.
It's got the climate for one - after all, and it isn't known as the Sunshine State for nothing.
It's got the scenery, the soul-stirring landscapes, the jet-set lifestyle, the wildlife, and of course the entertainment.
There are several things to do in Florida.
As holidays go, there's plenty of choice too.
If you're after a package holiday, check out these holidays in Florida to get an idea of the different types of family breaks on offer.
Or if you prefer, you could go your own way and organize your own flights, perhaps teaming it with a few days' accommodation in different areas as part of a Florida road trip.
Whatever style of holiday to choose, you certainly won't be short of things to see and do! Here are a few ideas to get you started...
Kennedy Space Center A must-see for space enthusiasts everywhere.
Even if you're not overly nerdy about the stars and planets, you can't help but get swept away in the enormity of space travel.
Take a guided tour around the Launch Control Center, visit the Vehicle Assembly Building and explore Cape Canaveral.
Explore the Everglades This sprawling swampy expanse is alive with creatures great and small, and really brings out Florida's wild side.
Take a guided tour and marvel at the sheer size of this nature reserve and the magnificent wildlife species that call it home.
Disney No trip to Florida is complete without a day at Disney.
Meet your favorite cartoon characters and have the ride of your life on big dippers and rollicking roller coasters.
Prepare to have a blast.
Hit the beach Head to the likes of Tampa, Clearwater or St Petersburg for glorious sandy beaches and fun-filled water sports.
Or take a trip to chic Miami for a day spent mingling with the A-listers in an equally A-list surroundings.
Night Life There is a lot of night life going on in almost every single city throughout Florida.
From Destin all the way down to Key West, you know that you'll be finding lots of hot spots with great night life everywhere you go.
Miami and Orlando are two cities that are both very well known for their great night life.
Make sure to pay a visit to the fun going on every evening.
Didn't we say that Florida was the ultimate holiday destination?

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