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Three Wonderful Pieces of French Furniture

If you are looking to create a glamorous home then you should consider purchasing a few items of French furniture.
It is classically beautiful and can work in a rustic home, a decadent den or even a modern pad.
Here are three fantastic pieces that could be just what you are looking for: 1) Louis XVI Three Seat Sofa If you are designing a living room you will need a comfortable and stylish sofa, and the Louis XVI Three Seater falls neatly into this category.
This is a classical piece of French furniture that is stunning without being gaudy and it would subsequently look great in any home.
2) Palais Mirror Mirrors are a fantastic way to add extra light to a house and the Palais Mirror is a very fetching piece indeed.
Hand carved from solid mahogany this mirror is a top quality item and the beautiful frame is really something to behold.
3) Table de Verre The Table de Verre, or glass table as it translates, is a stunning dining table with a solid mahogany frame and legs.
The beautiful glass table top would really add some elegance to your dining room; all you need now is some gorgeous French food to serve on this marvellous French furniture.
There are numerous other pieces of beautiful French antiquity available that you could put in a bedroom, a study, a living room, dining room, a kitchen or anywhere else for that matter.
So, get on the internet and start looking for gorgeous furniture and you will find that French pieces are as beautiful as it gets.

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