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Business Success: Avoid These 5 Leadership Blunders

In this new business economy having strong leadership skills means more than just having effective habits or the ability to persuade. People have noticed there is a big ethics crisis within our leadership. This ethics disaster has created a global downward spiral in the confidence of current leadership.

Our CEO's and corporate executives have shaken confidence in our economic future and corporate model. People are in an uproar about the lack of ethics and un-kept promises leaders have recently demonstrated. This lack of ethics has nearly bankrupt many industries and created the first ever global economic crisis. Confidence in the future is at an all time low.

People want leaders to demonstrate what it is that they espouse. People no longer want to follow someone's pedigree. The CEO's that have participated in today's crisis all had degrees from prestigious universities and still many took huge "golden parachutes," while the masses lost everything. Now more than ever, people are watching to see what it is that leaders believe in. People want to follow a leader's actions and results. People no longer care what you say you are going to do; people instead watch the results of what you do, and how you support them.

Whatever you advocate as a leader, you must demonstrate in word, deed and action. It must be a mindset that clearly demonstrates excellent self-command.  Leadership has taken on new meaning in the new business economy.  People want to follow someone with new ideas that are based on serving and creating opportunity for everyone to win, not just the leader and his cronies.

Leaders are creating career blunders by not understanding what kind of leadership the new business economy is demanding.

Here are 5 things you must avoid now if you want to succeed as a leader and have a team of people follow you into the new business economy.

Don't let these blunders trip you up.

You must not have lack or limited thinking.

Lack thinking is part of why we are in this current crisis right now. Somewhere along the way someone thought that they could not get ahead doing business fairly. If you want to lead now, you must be skilled at possibility thinking.

Having an "I'm a company man" attitude and philosophy

Leaders must think and create plans that demonstrate the ability to benefit everyone. Leadership such as "Newman's Own" proved that a CEO could serve human kind, benefit the whole and still create wealth. No longer will people follow a leader whose ideas benefit only the company and its bottom line.

Not having self command.

Leaders must learn self-command, which is the ability to take action in a direction and maintain a powerful level of sustained focused action to complete the task.

Not having a big enough vision.

 If you are a leader and your company's vision is not big enough to create a "purpose and a cause" for others, you will ultimately fail. People want to be a part of something that can change the world and make it better.

Believing that you are what you think.

You are not what you think. Thinking is a tool not who you are. You can however, experience what you think. There is a big difference here. When you understand this principle you will tap into the most powerful knowledge and skill you can have as a leader, which is the science of results oriented thinking. This is the understanding that things show up in your life because you are creating the thinking, actions and circumstances that produce them.

Our current and future leaders are now being put under a microscope because of our past leaders' actions. If you are looking at having a leadership position where others are depending on your abilities to get the job done or create stability in the aftermath of another's lack thinking leadership model; then understand you must lead from a new perspective and others will develop confidence in you and your ability to lead them.

You must understand that people are frightened by past actions of our leadership and are wary of giving a new leader a fair break. Leaders who want to influence others must project the hope and possibilities of creating a better tomorrow, today.

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