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Unique Garden Home Gifts

    Secret Diorama

    • According to the website Stormthecastle.com, "A secret diorama is a diorama built in an unexpected place. This gives the diorama a level of not only visual delight but of discovery."

      Build a diorama base out of wood, instead of using an old shoebox as you might for a school project. Paint the diorama's interior one solid, earth-toned color and fill it with pinecones, small branches and twigs, grass dirt and a few flowers. Use real or synthetic flowers and grass. Position miniature elves, gnomes or fairies in the diorama, gluing them in place. Your recipient can put the finished diorama in an out of the way place in their garden.


    • According to the website Medieval-Life-and-Times-Info.org, in Medieval architecture, gargoyles helped drain and redirect water off of the exterior of churches and, "The second purpose of gargoyles was as 'guardians' of the buildings in the form of abstract symbols designed to represent, and to ward off evil."

      A gargoyle is a unique alternative to a common garden statue such as an angel or fairy. Tell the recipient of the gift that the stone gargoyle wards off pests such as insects, gophers and rabbits from their garden. If the gargoyle that you give them is truly hideous, Point it away from their house and out of their line of vision.

    Rain Collector

    • According to the teachings of Feng Shui, a garden owner should represent all of the elements in his garden. An easy element to represent is water. Instead of giving someone a garden fountain or birdbath, create a decorative rainwater collector. Use a rustic wooden bucket and line the bottom with polished stones or take a large stone bowl and add a few brilliant colored stones. Get a few flat stones and paint small green lily pads on them. The recipient of this gift should then place the rain collector in an area of the garden that's out of the way. After it rains, she can use the raincollector to water her plants.

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