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How to Replace the Line on an Echo Trimmer

    • 1). Press in the "Stop" button on your Echo trimmer and let the spinning head come to a standstill before attempting to touch it. Unplug the battery or power cable if your Echo trimmer uses them.

    • 2). Lay the butt of the Echo's engine onto the ground. Lift your trimmer shaft into the air. Hook your arm around the shaft to hold it steady. Grab the spinning part of the head attachment.

    • 3). Press the housing tab in and down toward the cover. Turn the cover counterclockwise to free it from the head. Take out the line's spool that is inside the head. Pull off any remaining pieces of old line.

    • 4). Measure out as much line as required in your model's operator's manual. Many Echo trimmers use a length of 15 feet. Cut the line with scissors or a knife and thread an end into the eyelet on the center of the spool. Pull the line through until one side is 4 inches longer than the other.

    • 5). Grab the spool and hold it so the words "WIND LINE" and tap knob face toward you. Slide your index finger into the middle of the lines. Pull the line tight. Wind the line in a clockwise direction, laying down even, parallel rows.

    • 6). Wind the line until there are 5 inches remaining. Press the remaining ends into the notches on the upper side of the spool. Turn the spool over. Press the spool down against the spring while threading the line ends through the eyelets on the head.

    • 7). Align the cover so that the arrows match the housing tab. Turn the cover clockwise to lock it in place. Pull out both of the line ends to tighten them against the spool.

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