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Offseason Deals and Weather Make Fall the Best Time to Visit Tampa Bay"s Beaches

When you think of Florida, you think palm trees, soft blues waves gliding across the beachfront, and of course, the summer sun.
But fall is actually a better time to travel to Florida because of the offseason deals you can score, and because it's less crowded.
If you vacation in Tampa Bay during May through August, you can expect to pay up to $1,000 more for a weekly stay as opposed to vacationing in the fall.
This is especially true for hotels.
In fact, the luxury hotels on St.
Pete Beach can charge an arm and a leg, not just in terms of room charge, but also when you add in additional the costs of parking, resort fees, Wi-Fi, and other charges.
Vacation rental condos, also known as timeshares, have become increasingly popular on the beach over the last few years tend to offer a better deal for weekly rentals and family-friendly accommodations, plus they tend to be all-inclusive and don't charge for parking, Wi-Fi, and other amenities.
With these you can also expect to pay significantly less during the fall/winter months.
Aside from just accommodations, much of the St.
Pete Beach area's recreation offers lower rates for things like jet ski rentals, bicycle rentals, scooter rentals, parasailing, fishing charters, boating trips, and more.
Even some of the local country clubs offer better deals for golfing and tennis, which is how many vacationers love to spend their leisure time in the area.
Even the area's miniature golf courses offer deals during the offseason.
Vacationing in Florida during the off-season also means less wait times at restaurants and sometimes better specials, such as "buy one, get one fifty percent off" for meals.
This can really add up if you're traveling with the family.
If you're staying on the beaches, for the most part, restaurants, recreation, and shopping malls are within walking distance of the hotels and vacation rentals, but should you need to take a cab to St.
Petersburg, or even downtown St.
Petersburg, you'll have no problems arranging a cab, or even better, you can catch a trolley for a scenic and convenient view of the area.
If you're an outdoors type of person who enjoys running, biking, hiking, or just taking a leisurely walk, this is absolutely the best time of year to visit Florida.
The temperature cools down without getting cold, whereas during the summer, the heat can be almost unbearable, with vacationers getting sunburnt no matter how many times they apply sunscreen.

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