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NEW - Build a Television Infomercial Home Business with Customers "Given" to You

Q: Do you know WHO was named 69th Fastest Growing Company in America By Entrepreneur magazine?

A: A Nationally Known Company You'll be Shocked to Know has a Home Business Opportunity.

Yes, I really work from home with a Nationally known "Fortune 500" company you see on TV every single day that literally "gives" us their paying customers from television to help us build our business...

Q: How Does it work?

A: Qualifications for Earning Customer's from TV and Radio

Coaches who achieve and maintain the rank of Emerald or higher are eligible to receive sales leads from the company if they also satisfy each of the following criteria:

- Emerald Rank (Only 1 step up from Coach!) =
You + Two Active Coaches (people you enroll) who each have 50PV

- Must be an active Team Beachbody Club member: $2.99 a week, billed $38.87 quarterly in advance. (But, your Customers will probably start meeting your $50 PV for you!)

- Must have a completed profile page on their website with completed bio and at least a before photo

- Must have worked out "real time" in WOWY at least 8 times in the preceding 30 days (that is only, workout twice a week and enter it online within the same calendar day. Plus you are entered into the daily drawing for an IPod, HandyCam or $300-$1000)

- The Coach must not be delinquent on any fees or been found to be in material violation of any of the Company's Policies and Procedures for one full year prior to the lead assignment.

***** Other Important Things to Know *****

- You do not recieve upfront income or volume from Customers given to you but you do on all of their reoccurring or future sales. Once a customer is given to you, they recieve your website and contact information. This way if they see another one of our products on TV or promoted on the product they initially bought, they will contact you or go to your website to buy. If they are a Club Member, you will also receive volume and residual income from their quarterly membership.

- You are paid on Volume from Coaches you recieve as spillover (someone else enrolls them and they fall under you) but you are only paid cycling bonuses once you reach Emerald.

Starting in a matter of weeks, they will even be running an infomercial for their home business and those who call in and join because they know it is a solid Nationally known company...will be placed directly in our downline.

It really is the most incredible business I have ever worked so I urge you to please enter your details at: []
to learn more... Most of it's members and customers do not even know they now offer a home business opportunity.

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