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Garden Groom Proving to be an Invaluable Companion for Hedge Trimming Tasks

Spring has finally arrived and many outdoor enthusiasts are happily emerging from their winter stupor in order to tend to their yards. Although, not everyone enjoys yard work and its therapeutic effect almost all agree that it is a task that includes some strenuous and time consuming activity. Fortunately, there are gardening tools,such as the Garden Groom Trimmer, that remove these elements from working in the garden. These garden tools have been developed in order to provide results which rival professional gardening services while offering ease of use and unparalleled convenience. This article will examine one such tool and explore the many features and benefits which enable it to continually receive top customer ratings each year- the Garden Groom.

The Garden Groom is a state-of-the-art electric hedge trimmer that not only offers the typical hedge trimming abilities of other electric hedge trimmers but also boasts the ability to collect and shred the trimmings as it operates. If bought online, a Garden Groom purchase is accompanied with a Mega Bag. This bag effortlessly attaches to the garden groom in order to exponentially increase the onboard storage capacity for the hedge clippings. Being able to incorporate the Mega Bag into hedge trimming activities ensures that the gardener is able to collect up to 500 square feet of hedge clippings without the need for stopping. Not only does this exclusive feature put an end to the typical clean-up which must be performed after hedge trimming duties but it also creates a highly fertile mulch which can be used to enhance the health of a garden or alternatively easily discarded in the trash.

As previously discussed, the Garden Groom literally collects the clippings as it operates and leaves behind a mess-free yard. In view of this, one is able to further preserve the health of their back by eliminating the need for the excessive bending that accompanies raking and bagging duties. In addition, the lightweight and ergonomic design of the Garden Groom ensures that everyone(no matter age or gender) will be able to effortlessly tend to their hedges with unmatched convenience and maneuverability.

The Garden Groom electric hedge trimmer is completely green or eco-friendly as it does not run on gas but electricity. With the constant escalation in gas prices, this feature alone most likely accounts for the high volume of sales which the company has enjoyed to date for this season. As well, being able to eliminate gas and oil from the "hedge trimming equation" puts an end to messy spills or unwanted chemical smells while enjoying the outdoors.

Of course, when purchasing a garden tool one must also evaluate a product for safety- especially when dealing with a power tool that has been designed to cut. In view of this,it is noteworthy to mention that the Garden Groom embodies safety and has been designed to make accidental injury impossible. It has been able to accomplish this feat through its concealed blade design. Due to this feature, one can enjoy the unmatched cutting power offered by this gardening tool without the need for worrying about the safety of others or themselves.

Since its creation in 2002, the Garden Groom has continued to lead the hedge trimming industry in sales and customer satisfaction. These numbers testify to the durability and professional results delivered by this welcome garden companion. Whether one decides to buy the Garden Groom online or at their local store they will most assuredly not be disappointed with the hedge trimming results they will receive. Nonetheless, it is highly recommended that one purchase the Garden Groom online in order to receive the Mega Bag attachment and the other gardening bonuses which exclusively accompany online sales. In so doing, the consumer is able to get the biggest "bang for their buck" while being able to enjoy a 60 day money back guarantee should they not be impressed with the product.

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