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Dog Training For The Frustrated Owner

Anyone that has owned a dog before has probably gone through the same stage that you are in at the moment.
It's a stage that you think may never end and may even make you regret owning a dog.
This is the stage I like to call 'The Badly Behaved Dog'.
Try as you may, you just can't seem to stop your dog from digging, barking, jumping up and down on guests, chewing or doing anything else that generally drives you crazy.
What you have to try and realize here is that your pet is just as frustrated as you are.
They are in position where they are no doubt being shouted at by their owner several times a day, but they have no idea why.
Your job is to get the message across to your best friend and let them know why you are angry with them.
Perhaps start by toning down the shouting.
Let's be honest, if it hasn't worked by now, it probably won't work at all, so let's try a different approach.
Try and talk to your dog like it is an adult.
I'm not suggesting that dogs are on the same level as humans, or that you apply the dog whispering approach, but just talk to him in a firm calm tone like you would to a naughty child.
A big turning point in a many frustrated dog owners lives is realizing that help is at hand.
There are literally thousands of dog training resources online to help you get the best out of your family pet.
Two resources I have looked into recently are dog training collars and dog training books.
The first resource comes with mixed opinions, but in my view it is often misunderstood.
By applying an electric dog collar to your pet, you can give him a light shock when he is doing something that he shouldn't.
Many people find this to be cruel and inhumane, but if you find the right collar, the shock is not really a shock at all.
It is simply a gentle vibration that alerts the dog when he is doing something wrong.
If he only feels this vibration when he is doing something that he shouldn't, he will soon get the message that he should stop.
The second resource are a series of books which are designed to help owners train their pets.
After trying the DIY method and finding that it is not working, getting some advice from a professional can be a real help and save you a lot of frustration.

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