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Safety Rules for Technology

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      Technology--including construction, chemical or electronic technology--can be problematic, especially when teaching younger people with shorter attention spans. Many of the basic safety rules for using such technology are common sense, but are occasionally forgotten. In general, school-based technology tools are used for construction, such as saws, chemical or biological instructional labs and the Internet.


    • When using potentially dangerous technological equipment, especially in construction or chemistry, the user should not be distracted. Focus, especially for younger people who are generally novices, is very important. When using construction equipment such as saws or drills, hair should be tied back, and any kind of loose clothing should be secured. Safety goggles are a must for this kind of work, as well as for chemical or biological learning. No technology in the school setting should be used unless a teacher is present.

    At Work

    • When using construction equipment, hands should be out of the way of the blades or drill, and the cutting motion should be away from the user. Directions should be followed not just in the general sense of how to use the machine, but also the specific task at hand should be focused on--no extraneous use of the equipment should be permitted. Running or playing around the equipment is out of the question. Any violations should be quickly reported to the teacher or administrator.


    • When dealing with Internet safety, the basic rules depend on the age of the user. Younger people should have computers equipped with strict filters, while this can be relaxed with older people. Good antivirus software should be installed on all computers and checks run regularly to prevent any unwarranted access to the computers themselves. In general, younger students should not be permitted to use Facebook or MySpace during school hours, and should be discouraged in using it at all. These prohibitions might be relaxed for older students. Limits should be set on Internet use in the school or at home for children of any age. No credit card information or personal information of any kind should ever be sent over the Internet, and never, ever permit the meeting of young people who have met over the Web unless a parent is present and the people screened beforehand.

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