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How to Use a Post-Hole Digger

    • 1). Mark the center of the post hole with the line chalk to give you a highly visible target for the digger.

    • 2). Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, with the chalked center of the hole between your legs.

    • 3). Push the handles of the post hole digger together to open the digger's blades.

    • 4). Raise the digger as high as you can.

    • 5). Thrust the post-hole digger into the ground.

    • 6). Pull the digger handles apart.

    • 7). With the handles apart, raise the digger.

    • 8). Set the digger blades to the side of the hole.

    • 9). Push the handles together to release the dirt from the blades. Tap the blades on the ground to remove stuck dirt.

    • 10

      Repeat the process until your hole is the proper depth.

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