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Video: Cook Bacon in the Oven

Video Transcript

MARIEVE HERINGTON: All right. So the first thing we're going to with is the bacon in the oven. So you're not going to be doing it on the stove top like you usually would, 'cause it would take you forever because you're not doing it just for yourself and also this way it's a lot cleaner. So, what I'm starting with is I'm getting aluminum foil just so that I can line my cookie sheet. It's going to make clean up a lot easier. This way, I'm not going to be scrubbing bacon grease off after my party. The thing is not fun about that and parties are supposed to be all fun. Now, I'm going to add to that a little rack. Now, you could do the bacon directly on your cookie sheet, but if you do it on the rack, then the fat, the excess fat drips down below it, and you actually get the crispier bacon that way too. So I'm just taking some center-cut bacon and laying it out. And if you wanted to flavor your bacon. If you wanted, you know, how you have honey ham sometimes, or if you had, how about honey bacon? You could thin out just a little bit of honey with a little bit of water. Mix that in, take a pastry brush. Brush that over. That might be really nice. Or aside from Canada, of course, we have really wonderful maple syrup. So I might put some of that on there if I wanted to really jazz up the bacon. But I'm going to be putting maple syrup on the French toast that I'm about to make, so I don't want to overload the guests with so much maple syrup that they can't take it. Right. And I've got the oven pre-heated to 400 degrees and I'm just going to let that go. In 20 minutes you're going to have perfect bacon.

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