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5 Ways to Think Like a Thief and Enhance Home Security

Sometimes even the best plans can fail due to a lack of foresight.
If preparation is the key to success, looking at an issue from every angle is the key to preparation.
When planning the ins and outs of your home security system, you might want to inhabit the mind of a robber for just a little while.
If you were going to try and enter your house, how would you do it? When thinking in this fashion, chances are you'll spot some holes in your home security plan.
Here are five ways to turn the tables on crooks and outfox them before they can get to you.
Maybe you have a great home alarm system from a trusted company.
That is important.
However, have you overlooked the little things? Some of the craftiest burglars know the response time of the local police and security teams.
They will calmly work through noisy alarms, knowing they have ten or fifteen minutes to get what they can.
By reinforcing your doors and windows with stronger locks and latches that connect into nearby walls, you will add a fundamental layer of protection.
Get a view to the darkest corners of your property.
If you're working with a wireless security system, consider extending its reach to places like trees or a mailbox at the edge of your yard.
A surveillance camera is another good idea.
When you have expanded your grip to the most obscure corners, there will be no room left to hide.
Don't be casual about your car when it's parked in the garage or driveway.
Keep the doors locked, a habit that should never leave you no matter where you're parked.
One of the best ways to steal an identity is through auto tags and car insurance information.
Some people even keep an extra set of house keys in the car.
If you're serious about home security, you'll avoid this mistake.
Get a backup plan for your home alarm system.
If you're operating with a hard wired system, get the info on what happens if your power lines are cut.
Criminals have been known to snip the wires to avoid alarms interfering with their business.
Will your security apparatus alert the authorities when this happens? If you have a wireless system, what is the schedule for battery maintenance? You never want to be caught off-guard in this department.
Before you leave the house for any period of time, make sure you know the backup plan.
Be on the lookout for the subtle "casing of the joint.
" If you notice a car of individual around your block repeatedly, but without any business, ask your neighbors about it.
Is he a friend of anyone or someone who has more sinister intentions? Networking in the neighborhood will enhance home security for everyone.

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