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Being sexual with each other and sharing the bond of marriage are the markers that make your relationship with your husband different than your relationship with anyone else on the planet.
Your bond becomes truly special when you're confident in your love for each other and confident your relationship will go the distance.
Postponing sexual intimacy lets you form a strong and lasting emotional bond with Mr.
Right prior to risking sexual intimacy.
As a result, you'll be able to enjoy being courted, instead of acting on the fear that you'll get hurt yet again.
Real love won't alight in your heart until you stop being driven by fear and start protecting yourself enough to feel secure around a quality man who's interested in being both emotionally and sexually intimate with you.
He's the kind of man who will protect your heart and the love the two of you share.
Here are four key secrets that give your new love a chance to grow.
Let love grow by taking care of yourself and your business.
Don't stop working out, eating right, going to worship services, spending time with your children or friends, or taking care of your personal errands just because this wonderful new guy wants to see you tonight.
Dropping everything in your life when you start seeing someone new is the mark of a Ms.
Put routine errands down on your calendar as if they were appointments so that when he calls you'll know what time you can be ready after you take care of your personal business.
Friends should understand that there's always some accommodating when one of you starts dating, but they'll feel you've taken advantage of them if they hear nothing from you for months on end, until Mr.
Wrong dumps you and you need a sympathetic shoulder to cry on.
Let love grow by accepting him the way he is.
The man of your dreams is always perfect.
When you describe your version of Mr.
Right, do you say that he leaves his plates and glasses all over the kitchen counter, or that he has to be reminded to take out the trash? Probably not.
He may not be as tall as you had hoped he'd be, but these qualities are also not enough of a problem to cause you to leave him.
In reality, Mr.
Right may have qualities and habits that aren't deal-breaking, but that you aren't thrilled with either.
Here's a funny thing about love.
The more you let love grow with Mr.
Right, the less you'll notice the physical traits that stand out in the beginning, because you'll start seeing and loving his inner light instead of those outer details.
As for his bad habits, if they aren't deal-breakers, you can let him know how you feel about them, but otherwise, you'll have to give him space to be himself.
Remember, you're not perfect, either.
Give the guy a chance to grow on you, because Mr.
Right may not be the type you're used to dating.
And what about those guys who were your type? Weren't they all Mr.
Wrongs? Let love grow by showing him your appreciation.
Tell him thank you when he prepares dinner or takes you out to eat.
Tell him it's good to hear from him when he calls.
Tell him how nice he looks for your date.
If he fixes your car or greases a squeaky hinge on your patio door, admire his handiwork.
Everyone wants to be appreciated, including your new flame.
His love for you will grow because he sees that you appreciate and welcome it.
He'll know your heart is open.
Let love grow by showing him signs of your love.
End each telephone conversation you have with him with the words, "I love you.
" When you make a point of telling him you love him, you show him you love him.
Card or gift-giving occasions are all chances to show him your love.
Send an occasional text message to him at work telling him you love him or surprise him by hiding a note in his pocket to find later.
Pay attention when he mentions something he'd like to have so you'll have ideas for gifts.
Give him plenty of shoulder rubs, hugs and kisses, and other signs of caring and affection.
We women work hard, but men work hard, too.
Let the man in your life know - and feel - without a doubt that you love him.

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