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How to Drywall an Arch Window

    • 1). Measure the distance from the window the end of the window ledge.

    • 2). Starting in one corner on the back of a piece of drywall, mark the distance measured on the window ledge on the drywall by scoring the drywall with the utility knife. Move the measuring tape down the drywall approximately 2 feet and mark the same distance again. Continue to mark the drywall every 2 feet until the marks are approximately 2 feet longer then the drywall needed to cover the arch.

    • 3). Use the T-square to line up all the marks. Cut the drywall with the utility knife down the side of the T-square. Hold the T-square firmly against the drywall to ensure the line is cut straight.

    • 4). Once the line has been cut down the drywall, bend the drywall away from the cut, opening the cut until the drywall cracks. It should crack straight, along the line that has been cut. Use the utility knife to cut the paper on the front of the drywall.

    • 5). Wet the sponge in the bucket of water. Wipe the back of the drywall with the wet sponge getting the back thoroughly wet. Lean the wet drywall against a wall at a slight angle. If the drywall is wet enough it will start to bend. Leave the drywall against the wall for about an hour so it can warp further.

    • 6
      Slight arches like this wouldn't need the back of the drywall cut.Jupiterimages/ Images

      Skip this step if the window only has a slight arch. For more severe arches, cuts will have to be made across the back of the drywall using the utility knife. The cuts should be between a half and 1.5 inches apart depending on the severity of the arch. The goal is to have no open spaces in between the drywall and the framing.

    • 7). Holding one end of the damp piece of drywall in the corner of the arch, use the screw gun or drill to put a screw into the drywall. The end on the drywall should have screws in each side. Screws should then be put in every 1 to 2 inches of drywall, zig-zagging from side to side. Screws should be added in sequence, one end to the other. This will help ensure that there are no open gaps and the whole piece of drywall is solidly secured to the framing of the arch.

    • 8). Remove any access drywall with the utility knife once the arch is completely covered with drywall. Add a screw to each corner of the drywall at the end of the arch.

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