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Android 4.0 7 Inch Capacitive Screen Ampe A76 8gb Tablet Pc

Ampe A76 Elite Version Tablet PC using the new building fashionable appearance, ultra-thin streamlined body, fashion choices, is one of the most thin plate. Pick up 7.0 inches wide Angle display, has pervious strong, touch sensitive reaction, the precise position, long service life, and other aspects of the advantage, combined with a pure touch screen, than other flat in operation model concave and beautiful degree on a more conspicuous. Perfect both the use of user feeling and carry portability, easily put in the pocket or bag, can more optional hand-held use a single hand.

Ampe A76 Elite Version Tablet PC( using Allwinner of newly developed A13 processor chip, deal with high frequency 1 GHz, machine performance is better. In the system, Ampe A76 Elite Version using the latest Android 4.0.3 system, and the overall performance improvements over 15%. The system performance improved significantly, and make it run more smoothly, and satisfy the users of the game, such as the Internet more entertainment experience. At the same time, the Android platform has more than millions of mass software and games can download and install use, greatly enriched the user's application and experience.
Ampe A76 Elite Version Tablet PC realized the full 1080 P hd video direct broadcast, general RMVB, AVI, WMV, MKV, VOB, MOV, FLV, ASF, DAT, MP4, 3 GP, MPG, SWF, TS, etc all video format, enjoy the audiovisual feast. Due to the most outstanding display of Mail 400 independent display chip, at the same time, high frequency and based on its 512 M DDR3 cache, and gravity induction function, greatly improve the game/program the fluency and data processing speed, can easily be luxuriant 3 D games of the perfect show incisively and vividly.

A13 chip continued the A10 chip at the top of the energy-saving design, will reduce to lowest power consumption of the machine, and in low power consumption in the operation of the optimized, and energy saving more excellent, heat will be reduced by 28% or more. Better cooling technology, more low calorific value, the experience of consumers more directly, and sorching summer, relaxed and experience.
The MID ( life ability directly affect the user experience. And in MID pursuit of light and thin today, by increasing battery capacity to achieve long life is not practical. Ampe first use "intelligent dynamic backlight adjustment technology" in A76 elite version, the innovation of the energy saving technology can adjust the screen brightness intelligent, let it with the application and the content change and change, to achieve a truly intelligent province electricity, to avoid some of the unnecessary power consumption. Compared with other A8 core MID power consumption by 45%. In addition, still used the PMU + DVFS of double energy saving technology, to be able to provide the system optimization machine the power consumption of the strategy, maximum limit reducing noise and power consumption, greatly extend the endurance and the battery life, realize the MID 20 days of standby and super life.

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