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How Does a Carpet Cleaner Differ From a Vacuum?

There is much confusion generally about the differences between a carpet cleaner and a vacuum cleaner.
Not surprising when you consider that many carpet cleaners use a suction mechanism very much like the standard Hoover.
But the similarities end there.
In this article, we outline how each appliance differs and give examples of the type of scenario in which a carpet cleaner comes into its own.
Since its invention in 1860, the vacuum cleaner (or 'carpet sweeper' as it was originally named) has become perhaps the most familiar labour-saving device in the modern household, making the routine cleaning of carpets and surfaces a quick and straightforward task.
The basic design that Daniel Hess pioneered in the 19th century - utilising an air pump to provide a partial vacuum, in order to suck dirt and dust up - has remained essentially unchanged down the years.
The key point to remember here is that the vacuum cleaner is a 'dry' cleaning device, which uses no water or liquid detergent.
It is ideal for everyday cleaning, getting rid of dust, fluff, crumbs and loose material of that kind which has not adhered to or saturated the carpet.
When the carpet has been fouled through spillages, is badly stained or has accumulated a lot of ground in dirt over a period of time, a vacuum cleaner ceases to be of much use.
Enter the carpet cleaning equipment! Essentially, carpet cleaners are for washing carpets.
Whereas a hoover gives the shag a superficial cleaning, a specialist carpet cleaning device uses a combination of water and detergent first to 'shampoo' the surface, and then to rinse and suck the dirt off.
While a carpet cleaner uses a suction mechanism in much the same way as a vacuum, the whole device is designed to handle liquids, something a standard Hoover cannot do.
Because of the sporadic use of carpet cleaning devices, it is uncommon for most households to own one.
Whereas hoovering up is, for many, a daily task, the deep cleaning of a carpet is likely to be done only occasionally.
Some people like giving their carpets a thorough clean every six months as a routine.
There are also likely to be occasional ad hoc cleans, as and when required (e.
after your teenage daughter has thrown a massive party).
For that reason, the carpet cleaner a very popular rental item, and many suppliers specialise in leasing out cleaners.
Shop around and a carpet cleaner can be hired for as little as £20 a day.

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