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Why Do Humans Need Water?

Humans have evolved to be totally dependent on water.
It makes up a large part of our body and we also need it for cleaning, washing, irrigating our crops and keeping our livestock healthy.
Without water, put simply, we would cease to exist.
Your body is more than 60% water.
Water is vital for regulating temperature, transporting nutrients, and eliminating waste.
It is also vital for sending electrical messages between cells so that your brain can control your body.
It also acts as a lubricant.
This vital resource is lost from the body through sweat, urination and breathing.
It needs to be replaced to stop you dehydrating.
If cells lose too much liquid they simply shrivel and die.
Dehydration is dangerous and can be a killer.
You can live longer without food than you can without water.
Without anything to drink, you will die in a matter of days.
Symptoms of dehydration include feeling thirsty, muscle pain, headaches and constipation.
If you are exercising or in a hot environment you may be losing water quicker than you think and replacing it can in some cases be a matter of life and death.
The best way to rehydrate is by drinking water.
You can also rehydrate by eating food or drinking other drinks.
Remember that soft drinks contain extra sugar though and caffeinated drinks shouldn't be overdone because excess caffeine is bad for you.
If you are in the unfortunate circumstances of a life and death situation, you need to get something to drink fast.
In hot weather you may actually need more than a gallon of water a day to stay healthy so finding clean water is a survival priority.
In cold weather you may also be dehydrating quicker than you think because cold air holds less moisture so it dehydrates you as you breathe.
If you don't have clean, fresh water to hand, berries can give you enough to survive.
Avoid salty products and meat because they need water to digest and will replace less than they take from you to process.
Always pack plenty of water and if you are going into the wilderness, make sure you have a method of catching and storing water and a way to purify water from suspect sources (such as iodine tablets).
Water is very important for the human body and we need to drink it regularly to maintain health.
Whether you choose to have it from a tap, the office water cooler or bottled from a spring, water is essential to life and health, so don't take it for granted and don't forget to drink plenty of it.

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