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How to Install a Tub Enclosure

    • 1). Use a tape measure to locate the precise location for the shower head arm, the faucet and the water control knobs. Measure these same locations on the tub enclosure and mark the location for cutting the openings. Another option is to create a paper template, marking the location of the fittings and using this to help transfer the locations to the enclosure.

    • 2). Cut the holes for the fittings in the tub enclosure. For smaller openings, a hole-making drill bit will work, but for larger holes you will need to drill a pilot hole in the enclosure and use a jig saw to make the cut.

    • 3). Remove the drain cap from the existing tub with a screwdriver. Position the enclosure over the tub. It may take some wiggling or slanting to get it into place. Once it is in place, set it down over the drain and adjust the position so it is seated completely. The lip of the enclosure drain should sit securely in the drain hole. Use a level to make sure the enclosure is seated well, and screw drywall screws through the mounting holes just above the tub edge.

    • 4). Position the wall panels in place and mount them to the walls with drywall screws. These panels go up in a particular order to hide the mounting screws and holes, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions on the proper order. Attach the panel over the shower arm, water supply controls and faucet carefully, positioning the fixtures through the cut holes. Replace the shower head, water handles and faucet, and caulk the connections to the enclosure to make them watertight.

    • 5). Surround the drain assembly opening with plumber's putty and press it down around the edge. Be sure to use plenty of the putty to guarantee against leaks under the enclosure. Use a screwdriver to tighten the drain cap over the putty. This will cause it to compress the putty and make a good seal.

    • 6). Apply a bead of silicone caulk around all seams and joints to keep water from leaking behind the enclosure.

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