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4 Tips to Help You Stop Snoring Naturally Tonight

This article is all about how you can stop your snoring naturally and without the use of medications and drugs, so you are one of those people that think everything can be cures with a pill maybe this information is not for you.
However if you want to know how you can stop snoring naturally then keep reading because we are going to explore 4 different methods you can use right away to stop snoring naturally.
The tennis ball method: As usual as this may sound, it actually works quite well.
When we fall asleep we are prone to roll over on to our back which will generally increase your snoring, what you want to do with the tennis ball is to attach it to your back under your pyjamas or something similar.
This way when you roll on to your back it will be uncomfortable forcing you to roll back on to your side or stomach.
Head Raising Technique: Your snoring is caused mainly because of your mouth and jaw being opened and when your tongue sits on the back of your throat it blocks the airway causing the air to vibrate as it passed through.
If you raise your head slightly it can help to minimize this and lower your chances of snoring.
Herbal Teas: There are many herbal teas that can help you sleep better and assist you in stop snoring.
Some teas will work better than others Rooibos Tea is good and so is green tea.
try drink a cup before you go to bed.
Quit Smoking and Drinking: These can play a big part in why you snore and cutting them out will deliver big results.
Alcohol loosens and relaxes the throat muscles when you sleep, resulting in more vibration on your breath and more snoring.
We already know the harmful effects of smoking and they just add to the congestion of the lungs and puts more strain on the air ways.

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