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Homemade Techniques on How to Conceive a Baby Boy - For Those Who Have Strong Desire to Have a Son

There is one sure-fire way on how to conceive a baby boy and that is through test tube conception. If you have a very strong desire to have a son and you have the money to pay for the very expensive intervention, you can absolutely get what you want from science. However, since desire is probably all you have, you better put up with "homemade" techniques to have the baby you want.

For instance, it has been said that couples who want to have a son should make love during the night instead of day time. They should also have sex during the odd-numbered days of the month. Their position when making love is important too. They should do the intercourse while standing up and then women should immediately lie down afterwards. Women should also eat more salty foods and meat as well as drink a lot of coffee and tea.

When the man is the one who initiated to make love and reaches the peak first during the process, the couple is also said to more likely have a baby boy.

Another homemade technique on how to conceive a baby boy is by changing the chemical environment in the vagina right before having the intercourse. This technique is based on the notion that female sperm survives better in acidic environments while male ones thrive better in non-acidic conditions. Therefore, how to conceive a baby boy will involve making the vagina less acidic. It will ensure that the male sperm will succeed over the female and reach the egg first.

Making the vagina less acidic is done by using a mixture of baking soda and water. Mix half an ounce of baking soda with a pint of water thoroughly and douche the vagina with it. It will create an environment more suitable for Y-chromosomes.

All these techniques on how to conceive a baby boy may sound unbelievable. In fact, some of them may even be quite ridiculous. However, some people from around the world can attest to their effectiveness. In fact, some homemade methods are even a lot more bizarre that what has been mentioned here. Anyway, if you truly want to have a baby boy and you deem any of these homemade techniques safe enough, it probably won't hurt to try. After all, no one really has the absolute answer on how to conceive a baby boy in a natural way.

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