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The Best Christmas Present for a Golfer

As a professional golfer myself, I look back on christmas time with fond memories.
I always experienced well meaning friends and relatives giving me golf equipment and gadgets that were well below my ability level or not suited to what I was trying to do at the time.
Before I continue, I must say how lucky I was to be getting presents for christmas in the first place.
I am well aware that there are millions of people who aren't as fortunate as I am.
I am grateful for what I have.
Back to the story.
I would always get golf balls, shot counters and swing gadgets to use.
Occasionally I would convince my parents and relatives to get me clubs.
A new sand wedge, putter or driver.
Even the latest bag I've been looking at.
What I'm about to say comes with hindsight and I recommend this to all people searching for a christmas gift for the golfer in their family.
Get them some golf lessons.
Golf lessons are really cheap compared to the benefits they bring to you.
Just one golf lesson can straighten your ball flight and bring you extra distance.
Imagine what a series of 5-10 lessons could do for you? I'm always amazed at peoples willingness to spend $500 on the latest driver used by their favourite tour player - which isn't suited to them at all by the way.
The same people won't even spend $50 on a quick golf lesson.
The benefits of the information obtained from that $50 can be felt for a life time.
The driver is like hard drugs.
You will only feel good for a little while before moving on to the next shiney object.
So how should you get lessons as a christmas present? It's really simple.
Ring up your local golf professional or personally go down and see them.
Many of these teaching academies can create a gift voucher or gift certificate that has the lessons printed onto the document.
This really is a gift for life.
You will get your friend or family member thinking the right way about golf improvement and they will begin to improve the most important piece of equipment; themselves.
The golf lesson can focus in any area.
I would suggest the person having the lesson has a really clear idea about what they want to achieve from lessons and really prioritize it.
You can't work on to many things at once.
Get a few lessons in one particular area and practice hard in your own time.
You will be surprised at how much you will improve.

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