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Waste King 8000 Discounts and Details

Waste disposals are an incredible modern convenience.
They make our lives more efficient and easier.
No more overfilling you garbage with decaying food you can simply use something like the waste king 8000 and grind it out of your home.
No more worrying about horrible orders in your home or your garbage getting spread all over the street by hungry animal on garbage night.
The L-8000 gives you the promise of waste disposal perfection and easy.
Cleanup becomes a snap with this powerful yet quiet disposal.
If you are considering this unique state of the art waste manager system, than you are settling for nothing but the best.
If you are looking for discounts than not only are you thrifty but you are in the right place.
We have all purchased products that didn't perform nearly as well as we have been lead to believe.
This is not your fault there are lots of fly by night companies that do not have the longevity and rock solid reputation that is afforded to waste king products.
This Southern California Company is the leader in new concepts and designs.
So you know you are getting the very best.
Merely saying they are the best is not just lip service with this company.
They put their money where their mouth is.
What does this mean? Well Legend 8000 comes standard with a lifetime warranty.
So should you have a problem with the motor, blades or other components you are fully covered.
Not to mention there is a lifetime corrosion warranty.
This disposal offers you a high speed 2800 RPM permanent magnet motor.
The power of this motor is a stunning 1 horse power.
You are looking at some serious torque.
The disposal is a continuous-feed disposer so just keep on loading it up.
This comes standard with stainless steel grinding components to prevent the onset of rust.
There is an EZ mount system for anyone who is a do it yourselfer and more and more of us are wearing that hat these days.
The waste king 8000 works quietly due to its insulated construction.

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