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About Mattress Storage Bags


    • U-Haul sells basic plastic mattress bags made of polyethylene that is two millimeters thick. They slip over the mattress and are available in twin, full, queen and king sizes. You need to buy an additional one for the box spring. These are basic mattress covers with no handles. U-Haul also sells a mattress bag set for the box spring and mattress. These have handles for easy moving. They come in twin, full, queen and king sizes. They are also made of plastic.


    • Banana bags by Warps are similar to the U-Haul bags. They are two millimeters thick, so you don't have to worry about tearing. They are transparent and include bag ties, so you can get a tight seal. What is nice about the Banana bags is the size. You have plenty of room to place the mattress into the bag without struggling. Banana bags are available in most hardware stores and container stores. They start at $5.99.


    • Once you have placed the mattress inside of a storage bag, you want to place the storage bag in a cardboard storage box. First, fill the bottom of the box with packaging peanuts. Slide in the mattress and continue to pour the peanuts around the mattress. This will protect it from any possible water reaching the mattress.


    • Do not store your mattress on its end. The stuffing inside the mattress can shift, causing lumps. The sides of a mattress are not strong enough to hold the mattress up, either. Box springs can be stored flat or on their ends because of their construction. Store your mattress flat. If you pile anything on the mattress, make sure it is evenly distributed.


    • Mattress storage bags that are made of two-millimeter plastic are durable enough to protect a mattress from dust, dirt, water and insects. Before buying a storage bag, measure your bed. Mattresses with pillow tops are deeper, so make sure the dimensions of the bag are deep enough for the mattress. The cheapest place to purchase quality mattress storage bags is from a moving company.

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