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Can You Get Back Together With an Ex?

Are you asking yourself the question 'is it possible to get back together with an ex? Yes, it is possible but nothing is guaranteed, however, you can increase the possibility that you'll get back with your ex.
You have to be smart here and ask yourself some searching questions - 1)Do I really want to get back with my ex? 2)Exactly what was the reason we broke up in the first place? Assuming you want to proceed then a lot depends on the answer to 2).
If you were partially responsible for the break up, then it could be possible to get back together.
This is the case for most couples at this stage.
Now you have to take control of yourself and, in a calm state, go back over your relationship.
Try to work out what went wrong and then see what you did to make it worse.
Don't worry about what your ex did wrong, just you.
In your present circumstances you can't change your ex's behavior, so put it to the back of your mind and ignore it for the moment.
You can always come back to it later, when you are back together.
Once you can answer these questions honestly and you know what you did wring in your relationship, correct your mistakes and go on to the next stage which is to plan out how to get back together with your ex.
Now you should ask yourself the question 'what would I feel if my ex was behaving to me the way I am behaving now?' Are you showing desperation? Are you continually sending texts, or phoning, or appearing needy in any way? Most people want to push away someone behaving like this, so the first thing you should do is stop this behavior.
You need to get your life back in track now.
You've got to show everyone that you're over the relationship and you can have fun.
This doesn't mean that you have to start dating, just get out with your friends and enjoy yourself.
OK, you may not be enjoying yourself but you must, at least, appear to be.
Don't contact your ex but, at the same time, don't refuse any communication from your ex either.
Be civil, friendly and helpful when communication starts.
You see, by now your ex has had time to reflect and to wonder whether breaking up was a mistake.
You are now showing the 'you' you were when you first started your relationship.
Don't worry if there has been no contact.
Your ex will know what's happening to you.
Once communication has started you can now start to try and see if it's possible to get back together again, but slowly.
Rushing into this here makes you appear needy which will kill any chance you may have had.

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