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Daily Dog Care Checklist

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      A daily dog care checklist will help you keep track of all the essential tasks that are needed to care for your dog on a daily basis. Most dogs need standard basic care such as feeding and watering, but some dogs might need more attention when they are sick. All dogs can benefit from daily exercise and interaction with their owners.


    • Provide your dog with dry dog food on a daily basis. Choose a food that is appropriate for his age. For instance, choose senior formulations for older dogs and puppy formulas for young puppies. Select a high quality brand at your local pet store. Not all dog food is created equal. Some foods are made with chicken or beef by-products while others use more natural or organic ingredients. Feed your dog quality food without added chemicals or fillers.


    • Provide your dog with a large bowl of filtered water on a daily basis. Food and water should always be displayed and available, unless your dog has a weight problem. If your dog has a weight issue, only give him specific portions of food throughout the day, but always leave fresh water out for him.


    • Take your dog on a walk on a daily basis. All dogs need exercise to remain healthy. Take him on a walk around your neighborhood or bring him to the park. You will also enjoy this time with your dog.


    • Dogs are social creatures who need a lot of attention. Give your dog lots of petting, grooming and attention on a daily basis. Play catch with your dog or ask him to fetch you thinks around the house. Treat your dog just like you would any other family member.

    Potty Breaks

    • Allow your dog to go outdoors several times throughout the day. Train your dog to let you know when she needs to go out. You can also keep your dog outdoors in a dog house during part of the day as long as weather permits. Just try not to leave her outside for too long. Always provide her with extra water while she's outside and keep her indoors during the cold winter months.

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