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How to Fix a Hole in Your Roof

    • 1). The first step is to determine the size of the whole and how much you are wanting to spend on this project. Ususally a leaky roof is caused by holes in the plywood from rain that has soaked through over the years or falling branches. After determining the size of hole in your roof you will know how much plywood you will have to replace. If the hole is less than the size of a tennis ball you can just get a piece of metal tin and can nail it with roofing nails over the hole, but this is only teporary and will eventually leak.

    • 2). Determining where the whole is can be dangerous because you do not know how much off the sheeting is ruined so be careful when getting on the roof. YOu will now locate the hole which is typically above where your leak is so you will take off the shingles directly aabove the hole. Try to take off as less as possible but you must take off as much as the plywood is soaked, or they will become leaks.

    • 3). Now you will cut out the bad plywood with a skill saw. Set the correct depth of the blade to it just cuts the plywood. Cut it on the center of the closes two raftors so that when you replace the plywood it also has raftors to set on. Now you will have to put down black paper over this new plywood and replace the shingles you too off, oftern you will have to take a couple shigles loose so that you overlap them and the water runs off.

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