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Detox dieting-How to Detox for Cleaner, Healthier You

Although there are a lot of issues concerning detox dieting, there continues to be a lot of young people using this as an addition to their dieting regimen. They detox to lose weight, stay fit and get rid of body toxins the easy way. And why shouldn't they? The procedure of detoxifying your body is not as difficult as exercising like crazy however it isn't that easy either. Detoxing requires a lot of conviction and will power to really finish the cleansing process.

There are several different detoxing methods. Choosing one over another will depend on you, the type of diet you can handle and what you can actually commit to for the success of staying fit.

There is the raw food diet plan where you eat only uncooked food;
The diuretic diet, which uses natural diuretics to relieve fluid retention;
The fast trucks detox diet, which is an 11-day detox diet,
The liver cleansing diet to help those with poor liver function; and so on.
The lemonade diet or master cleanse which allows you to drink a special drink for up to 10 days.

There are also some new experts in the field that made new forms of detox dieting to suit almost everyone's preferences.

Those who are in the process of choosing a detox diet plan, should be eating very clean prior to doing a detox diet. During a detox, in order to properly cleanse your body, depending on the detox you chose, you will have to eat fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, brown-rice, beans, nuts and seeds but not butters or peanuts and peanut butter, extra-virgin oil and may drink herbal or green tea, pure unsweetened fruit and vegetable juice, rice milk, lemon water and of course water. The type of food and drinks that you consume during a detox, will all depend on the type of detox plan you select for yourself. Water will definitely be part of your detox dieting since you have to drink a minimum of 8 glasses per day.

Before you start, it is better not to have any social plans or events for a while. You will need to totally concentrate on your diet plans since the process may also give you some side effects. Some side effects may be that you to feel a little lethargic, or have nausea some times and you may feel a small amount of mental irritability. You have to expect some discomfort because a detox is riding your body of toxins. These side effects just mean that the detox is working. Just make sure you listen to your body because discomfort should not include pain and should not persist for a long period of time. Those symptoms will eventually go away after some time. All you need is to take in a lot of relaxation and sleep to help you with your detox dieting. After having sacrificed for the duration of the cleanse, you will feel more energetic, have more power and alertness to do your day-to-day routine.

It is also necessary to consult your naturopath before deciding to use any of the techniques mentioned. They can provide you with good advice if you need some. Although, it is still a known good fact that natural ways of dieting are better than those artificial methods. That is where detox dieting comes into place.

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