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Rug Storage - How to Properly Store a Rug

There are many reasons why someone would want to store a rug away.
You might be moving from one city to another and want to protect the rug during the move.
You might have more than one look for a certain room of the house and change it based on the season.
In both these cases you want your rug storage to keep the rug safe so that there aren't problems.
Before you store a rug it's a good idea to have it cleaned.
The reason is that while stored away you don't want any dirt, mold, even pest problems to occur that might be on the it right now before storage.
Consider getting the rug treated with a repellent against closet moths and other pests who may eat and ruin the rug while stored away.
There are rug storage bags that you can purchase.
These are a bit different than normal plastic bags because they breathe as opposed to completely sealing off all the air.
This is important for the rug.
Don't store them away in garbage bags.
When you roll the rug up, keep the top part of the it on the outside.
You want the design to be sticking out on the rolled up rug.
Then put this inside the rug storage bag.
If you are storing it in a closet or other dark location, check on it from time to time for bug problems.
There are closet pest traps that you can buy to see and alert you if there is a pest problem that could be a sign that your rug might be damaged there.
It's not absolutely necessary, but consider moving the rug from closet to closet just in case.

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