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Intensive Night Cream - Substances You Need to Avoid

Intensive night cream is just another victim of scrupulous cosmetic production.
You need to know this.
For all you know, you may be using one now that is laden with harsh substances.
Be extra careful then Intensive night cream should be carefully chosen.
This is because they are obviously applied during nighttime when the body is at rest.
At this time, the body heals itself, making any substance applied quickly absorbed by the body.
If a cream applied shortly before going to bed, you are likely to get more harm than when you are awake.
As such, extra care should be done when buying one.
You always need to watch out for harmful compounds used by many companies.
Are you aware that a study made in Europe has revealed that majority of leading skin and personal care products are laden with toxic compounds? The study was done by the European Agency for Research on Cancer.
It has revealed that majority of leading brands of those products contain Dioxane, paraben, mineral oil, fragrance and alcohol.
Most common harmful substances Dioxane is a known carcinogen.
In other words, it causes cancer, most of them are acquired in the skin.
It is just so saddening that even leading and known brands are containing this very toxic chemical compound.
Paraben is another harmful chemical substance.
It is widely used in industrial manufacturing as a preservative.
Yet, companies producing those made for human consumption are using them too to preserve supposedly natural ingredients.
Whatever beneficial effect you may get from using those natural substances is cancelled out by the harmful effects of the harsh chemical.
I am still bewildered why companies should use fragrance in intensive night cream, for example.
The last thing you need from such cream is to make you smell good.
The first and only important thing you need to enjoy is skin improvement.
Besides, continued direct exposure of the facial skin to such, for example, causes irritation and irritation eventually.
Mineral oil is another bad additive.
Yes, it may make your skin feel smooth.
However, the extra oily layer clogs the skin pores.
This makes you more at risk of developing acne and other serious forms of skin inflammation.
Alcohol may kill harmful bacteria feeding on dead skin cells.
Remember, however, that those creams are not for the purpose of disinfecting the skin.
Besides, alcohol causes skin dryness, making you more prone to wrinkles.
Go natural instead Use only natural ingredients, such as Cynergy TK, Phytessence Wakame and Coenzyme Q10.
These make your intensive night cream far more safe and effective.

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