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Paranormal News and Views for December 31, 2013

Up-to-the-minute reports of paranormal activity and news from around the world


East Hill Cemetery is the most haunted place in the city of Bristol
According to stories handed down in the King family, the area where the cemetery now is was a favorite hunting ground for Gen. Evan Shelby. Then after he became a bit demented, he often spent hours sitting on stumps or logs, very content thinking he was back home in Maryland.

Thus what had been called Round Hill for some time, was called Maryland Hill. Soon after Shelby died, strange things began to happen....

It's 2013's most bizarre UFOs and paranormal stories
Whether you believe that UFOs are alien spaceships or travelers from another dimension or hoaxes or simply very easily explained objects, they were plentiful in 2013...

Jobless gypsy demands new council house because hers is haunted
Lisa Bowden 40 says her religion means she cannot live in her haunted home Lisa Bowden, 40, says her religion means she cannot live in her "haunted" home. Lisa Bowden, who has not worked for 15 years and claims £260 a week in benefits, was given a newly-decorated two-bedroom home just two months ago. But she claims she can feel the ghostly presence of a former tenant and insists her gypsy faith "forbids" her from living in a home where someone has died...

Kolkata is fertile ground for Indian ghost stories
Given the city's share of disasters, decrepit buildings and rich literary traditions, it is no surprise that reports of hauntings and sightings abound.

Rumors swept Kolkata this year that a runaway boy spent the night beside a 4,000-year-old Egyptian mummy in the Indian Museum, a building with a reputation for being haunted...


Do schizophrenics live in parallel universes?
Usually sufferers only have a single personality, but could they, in fact, be living in parallel universes? As we are not physically aware of other universes their existences is purely theoretical and, therefore, open to conjecture. Quantum objects can exist in different states and it can be argued that each different state belongs to a different world. This would imply a multiverse...


The secret influence of the Moon: Alien origins and occult powers
Can the Moon bring out the worst in human behavior, particularly when it’s full? Can it drive some people to commit acts of violence, even murder? In the case of David Berkowitz, the notorious “Son of Sam” serial killer, questions such as these are worth examining...

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