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Are You a Recruiter Or a Sponsor?

Do you know the difference between a sponsor and a recruiter? I can not tell you how many times through the years I have heard people say "I sponsored a 100 people last month, year etc.
" I learned along time ago a very valuable lesson that I have two ears and one mouth for a reason.
So if you hang around for awhile and watch and listen you will learn if that person really did sponsor that many people or not.
So am I saying he lied? Am I saying he made it up? Well we will get to that in a few minutes.
I on the other hand have heard several times over the years "I sponsored 3 people last month" Then later as you are doing more listening than talking you hear about how this person helped his 3 people get their sites running and their products ordered and how he held four presentations for one of the 3 and two each for the other 2.
Then a little later you here how this team has grown to over 300 people in a really fast amount of time.
Now I ask you; "Which one of these people is the sponsor? Which one do you want people to call you? Which one before reading this did you think you were?" Let me lead off buy saying there is nothing wrong with being a recruiter, in the right place, but Network Marketing is not a real good place to be a recruiter if you want to be successful and thought of highly in the industry.
The object of the game is to be the leader and sponsor to the people that you would want from your sponsor.
I would rather be known as the guy who only sponsored 10 people in my career than the one who put 1000 in and left them to figure it out on their own.
I hope this helps you in your journey and that you know someone to share this with.

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