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Wacom Bamboo Owners: How"s Your Nib?

In the discussion forum, kcholman78 writes:
I bought a Wacom Bamboo tablet, and I'm really frustrated with it... Unfortunately, when I write, the pen leaves trails at the beginning/end of strokes, or sometimes a beginning stroke is ignored.... Wacom support says this is because of the nib wearing down. Problem is, the nib wears down REALLY FAST. Not that they're very expensive, but at one every several hours, it would get expensive.

He also details several other problems he has with the Wacom Bamboo--issues I did not experience during my testing. My Bamboo is out on loan, and my Bamboo Fun has not been used enough to have the nib wear down, so I'm interested in hearing from other Bamboo owners who use their tablets a lot. Do you find the nibs wearing out to soon? How long have you had it and how has it met your expectations? Add a comment here, or reply directly to kcholman78 in the discussion forum.
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Update 9/28/10: We now have a form to submit reviews of graphics tablets. It would be great if you could use the form from now on instead of commenting here. You'll be able to add a star rating and specific issues will be able to be found easier in search results to help others.

For now, I'll leave comments open on this post if you just want to post a quick comment related to nib wearing, but if you could submit a review of your graphics tablet, it would be much appreciated.

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