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Little Gymnasts Will Jump For Gymnastic Party Games

Seeking a truly fun and unique birthday party celebration? There are many birthday team but very few are like a gymnastic theme birthday party celebration. This theme will grant young, aspiring gymnasts a festive and dynamic way to show off their gymnastic talents.

The Somersault Relay is the perfect Gymnastics party game for a gymnastic theme party. This is a fun game in which players must somersault their way around the play area in hopes they are the first to finish. Splitt the party guests into two equal teams and have them stand in a single file line. Be sure to place a stationary object around which the children can somersault. On go, one team member starts and somersaults her way around the objects and back. The next player does the same and so forth. Once the first team has completed their somersaults, team two can begin. The team with the fastest time wins.

Balance Beam is another game custom made for a gymnastic party. Challenge guests to show off their balancing skills on a balance beam. The player who can stand on the balance beam the longest wins. Enliven the game by having players balance backwards, holding an object on their head, or with eyes closed.

Balloon Pop. Balloon Pop is a fun game that requires a few dozen balloons and some eager balloon popping participants. Have the players stand in the middle of the party area. On go, the players must sit and stomp on the balloons as fast as possible. The object of the game is to pop the balloons and find the letters that spell out gymnast or the celebrants name. The first player who finds the necessary letters wins.

Hair Ribbon Race is another great game sure to be popular at a gymnastic party. Hair Ribbon Race is played by splitting the party guests into two equal teams in a single file line. The first player in each line has a long hair ribbon. On go, the first player in each line turns around and ties the ribbon, making a bow, on the head of the next player. Then that player takes it off, turns and ties the hair ribbon the head of the next player. This goes on until the last player unties the ribbon. The first team to finish wins.

Jump Rope Relay is another game perfect for a gymnastic party. Have players split into two teams of equal numbers. On go, each team jumps rope ten times. Once ten jumps have been completed that player then gives the rope to their team mate who does the same thing. The first team to complete the jumps wins.

Gymnastics Party Supplies and Invitations with high energy games will have the party guests singing the party hosts praises in how much fun was had.

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