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5 Different Ways to Find No Experience Offshore Oil Drilling Jobs

Are you trying to find offshore oil drilling jobs? They pay very well, and you will face stiff competition in your job hunt.
Frankly speaking, the absolute best way to get jobs in the petroleum and gas drilling field is through a recommendation by a friend or a relative.
However, if you do not possess this kind of advantage, you are only left with the following five ways of finding an entry level job in this industry.
Look up the petroleum companies and oil service contractors in the share market.
How do you find the offshore oil drilling companies? By visiting your local library and going through their share investing magazines and publications.
You especially want to check the listing of businesses in the Wilshire 5000 stock index.
This index contains the 5000 largest corporations that are listed in the United States.
This includes quite a few of the larger firms that operate offshore platforms.
From there, you can find the address and phone number of their HR departments (or better yet, of the departments which operate the different oil fields).
Because you are looking for a job and not investing, the information need not be particularly up to date.
However, it is better to look for those firms where the stock price is going up (because publicly listed corporations tend to lay off workers when their stock prices start sliding).
If possible, look for a list that is divided into different categories, then you will not have to research all 5000 of them.
Look for information on drilling companies using Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Create an account with Yahoo Answers and post your question there.
There are also a few forums (bulletin board services) for petroleum workers where you can search for information as well as ask questions.
Submit your resume to recruiters who specialize in offshore drilling rigs jobs.
There are really three types of companies you should look for - old-style recruitment companies who help the oil service firms find their workers (these workers are managed by and on the payroll of the service firms), outsourcing companies who find workers and then hire them out to the oil drilling contractors (the workers are on the payroll of the outsourcing firm but managed by the driller), and resume mass submission services.
The first two are free, although some of them may take a cut of your first paycheck.
The third option is normally a paid service, but out of many in the business only a few actually do a good job.
Search for job advertisements and submit your resume to (free) online job boards like Monster, Career Builder, etc.
These are very big and general job boards.
They have the disadvantage that many smaller contractors do not post no experience offshore oil rigs jobs to them unless they are desperate for workers, but they have the advantage of (somewhat) policing the job advertisements so you know that most ads are for valid jobs and by real companies.
Look at newspaper job postings by offshore drilling contractors.
Concentrate on the local (or state) dailies and weeklies where the smaller drillers post their offshore job vacancies.
Do not just check those for your state (assuming there are oil fields in your state), check the papers from the other petroleum-producing states as well.
You do not need to subscribe to every paper yourself, especially those from out-of-state.
Your local library should be able to do it for you.
Finding offshore oil drilling jobs is not difficult.
You just need to put in the effort and be patient.
You also need to be alert, keeping your eyes and ears open.
Just because a particular company is firing workers in one part of the state does not mean it is not hiring workers in another part of the state.
If you seriously want a job in this industry, you need to be willing to move around and work far away from home.

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