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How to Draw Cool Cars - 2 Tips

If you think drawing cool cars is impossible, let me tell you something.
How do I know? Because I had the same thought myself, just last year.
And now, and I'm trying not to brag here, I draw cool cars like it was nothing.
And you can too.
- So what is the secret? What do you have to do? The biggest secret is practice.
Yeah, I know, that's SOME secret right there.
But before you can practice, you need to learn the right guidelines.
You need to know where to start, what to do after and how to finish, in order for the car to be as awesome as we both know it can and should be.
To begin with, here's a couple of tips: + Be relaxed and take it easy.
There's nothing worse than rushing a drawing.
If you're stuck on one little details, just sit back and relax, maybe even put the drawing away for a couple of hours.
And then see what you can do.
For me, that's all it takes.
I used to sit there for hours working on one little detail I never got right, but just chill.
Believe me, it works.
+ Do you have a picture of a car that is just SOO sweet? Copy it.
Set it before you and draw it.
Start with the basic shape and form of the car, and when that's done: work on those little details.
Again: if you at any point get frustrated just leave it.
Put the drawing down and take a few minutes off.

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