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6 Characteristics Of Somali Pirates

Somalia is a country located beyond Indian Ocean and the Red Sea, where is convenient for the native to attack the passing by merchant vessel.

October 29th, 2009, an international fishing-ship hanging a Thailand flag was hijacked by Somali pirates in Seychelles.

October 22th, 2009, a Panama cargo-boat was plundered in Somali ocean.

October 19th, 2009, a Chinese cargo ship was attacked in the northeast Seychelles.

Within 10 days only, Somali pirates should make as more as three attacks to big merchant ship! It's not strange that Somali pirates have become a heated topic nationwide. Then what's the main characteristics of Somali pirate?



Even though the Somali often rob for huge property, only a few of them can enjoy a wealthy life, and most of them are still too poor to feed themselves and their family. The poverty is the most important cause to so many hijacks.


A large number of Somali pirates are insufficiently educated to be civilized enough, so they are mostly cruel and inhuman. In order to carry their points, they never hesitate to hurt others, even to kill them.


Pirates usually choose the noon time or dark time to act, since the crew are too worn out at that moment to counter attack. And once they find warship appearing around them, they will stop the hijack as soon as possible. Even, they would throw their arms into the sea to avoid searching.



Corsairs are mostly small boat made of fibrous glass or wood, which are difficult to detect by radar, so the merchant ship or military naval vessel fail to recognize them effectively. In order to reduce the attacks from Somali pirates, modern warship and technology should be used and the sentinels should keep in their position all the day.


The hijacks used to happen in the seas between Mokalla and Boosaso. But more and more warships from variety of countries are patrolling around presently. For the sake of safety, the pirates have gradually change their scope to act, and it's a trend to go eastward.


The weather on sea is an important factor while setting sail. As mentioned above, corsairs usually are small, so they can't work well if there is a bad weather. Otherwise, if the weather is sunny and windless, the pirates would make most use of the good condition to make attacks.

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