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How to Make Model Wheels

    • 1). Clamp the PVC/ABS pipe to a stable surface for cutting.

    • 2). Use a hand saw to cut four pieces off the 2-inch PVC/ABS pipe 1-¼ inch wide. These are your new tires.

    • 3). Smooth the cut edges of the tires with sandpaper.

    • 4). Round the edges of the tires with a Dremel tool equipped with a round corner bit. Rounding the edges will keep the tires from catching on the concrete, slowing down and prematurely ending your drifts.

    • 5). Apply a strip of weather stripping along the groove in the center of the RC model car rims. Take the electrical tape and apply to the car rims, covering the weather strip and the rim edges to make a smooth surface.

    • 6). Place the RC model car rim into the center of the PVC/ABS pipe. It should fit securely into the pipe with firm pressure. If it does not, wrap a few more layers of electrical tape around the model car rim. There should be a slight space left between the model car rim and the outer edge of the PVC/ABS pipe.

    • 7). Load the hot glue gun with the glue stick and wait for the gun to heat.

    • 8). Use the glue gun to apply a seam of glue around the RC model car rim in the space between the rim and the outer edge of the PVC/ABS pipe. Allow the glue to dry completely before mounting the wheel.

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