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A Brief Introduction of College Admission Requirements

Knowing college admission requirement is a vital issue for students as well as for guardians. Although this requirement may vary from one college to another, however there are some standard rules for requirements. For example, Graduate certification program will require a prior university or college certificate as well as degree/diploma for admission. Sometimes universities may set plan for admission requirement that is program specific. However, it is extremely important to know the admission requirement because these are mandatory criteria to gain eligibility to enter a college/university as a student.

Applicants are accountable that they meet the pre-set academic qualifications along with special prerequisites needed for admission. These special requirements are mostly found listed in the list of college admission requirements as set by the administrator and counselors of an educational institution. These requirements are notified to the candidates from the house of the registrar, especially if there is any last minute amendment or if there is a special case, etc.

The basic requirements:

The general requirements for an admission are mentioned here.

1. A one to one interview post submitting your application,

2. Previous college experience and related work experience,

3. Assessment result from the institution, if any,

4. Availability of the course a student's is opting for.

For quick synopsis we can segregate college admission requirements for a general admission in 5 main criteria. These are:

1. Interview and age requirement,

2. Already done educational details and related papers,

3. Requirement of basic skill evaluation: test clearance,

4. Previous educational experience,

5. Evaluation of basic and prerequisite skills.

Requirements for general admission

General requirements are essential requirements for admission; however, it is not a guarantee that if you have fulfilled all the requirements, your admission is absolutely secured one. However, for graduate and under graduate programs criteria are completely different.

Under graduate programs

1. A duly filled application form

2. The degree/certification from last class/school,

3. Must be at least 17 year of age,

4. Submit official transcript of all prior academic work
completed during last educational institutions.

Graduate programs

1. Duly completed admission form,

2. Attested copies for all testimonials available so far,

3. Must be of the age as mentioned in eligibility criteria,

4. Clearance for one to one interview required for admission.

Additional requirement

A few colleges are there that ask for some additional requirements. Some of the most common requirements are admission essays, clearance of interviews, or clearance of certain admission tests. These additional requirements help in understanding the personal aptitude of the candidate for enjoying success and right involvement in the study program of the college.

Besides general admission, there are provisions for special admissions specified for military students, international students, working adults, and other special admission cases. However, these cases are not available frequently, and in these cases college admission requirements may vary from one college/university to another. Admission counselor of an educational institution is the most suitable person to let students and their guardians to know all admission requirement details.

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