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A Secret You May Not Know About Beautiful Women and How to Attract Them

You may be the the guy who's so wrapped up in fearing rejection or thinking about the next pickup line but you have to stop right now and read this.
Attractive women have their own insecurities.
Women are under extreme pressure to fit up to a certain image in the media and the woman you want may be worried about her appearance but acting as if she's cool with it.
Guys who are not having success with women spend SO much time thinking about rejection no wonder they never get with a woman they want.
Since women are intuitive, we can smell insecurity from a mile away.
And I promise that you will not get that woman if you don't know the switch that amplifies attraction.
Although women might be worried about the way they look, you should never and I repeat never keep telling an attractive woman how beautiful she is.
This is not the way to create attraction in her.
You will hand over your power to a woman if you end up calling her hun, babe, honey or any "weird" term just because you're trying to buy your way in.
Won't work.
Instead, you need to learn how to build attraction around her by your presence then use that explosive vibe to dismantle her defences.
I'm only talking to the sane guys here.
It is actually when you have presence create tension that will make you look like chocolate to women.
Failure is not an option when you know the secret switch.

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