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Sash Windows - Two Sides to Every Story

They say that there are two sides to every story and where sash windows are concerned this is definitely true.
One window specialist has recently finished filming a documentary telling their side of a shocking story which exposes bad installation practices in the window industry.
The well known series is set to air on national television in the coming months and has been produced by a national broadcasting corporation with the aim of raising awareness of dishonest and fraudulent procedures that cost homeowners money.
As the documentary demonstrates, in this instance these providers were pleased to be able to help remedy the situation.
So what are the two sides to every sash window story? Well over the years this team has built up a considerable level of industry experience.
They've learnt that behind every satisfied customer there's a tale that consists of two elements; product and installation.
An excellent product combined with a superior installation will lead to beautiful windows which last.
Luckily, the company already manufactures high quality sashes to exacting standards, so they know that their product is of superior quality and authenticity.
However they also endeavour to guarantee a high standard of installation using a network of approved installers.
As the television programmes evidences, failing to secure workmanship which is guaranteed by the manufacturer can lead to horrendous installations which ruin any innate quality that the product itself had.
For the manufacturer this means seeing their windows damaged and abused, whilst homeowners could see their home ruined and their money wasted.
The programme also highlights the fact that some disreputable installers promise their customers certain sash windows yet actually fit sub-par windows that are not the promised products at all.
Overall incidents like the story in this instance cost more than money; they cause a great deal of stress and hassle, especially when court proceedings take place.
The specialist featured on this show therefore urges potential customers to look out for when it is broadcast in order to ensure they don't fall prey to the same or similar scams.
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