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Do-It-Yourself Stair Safety Solutions - Common Sense

A majority of do-it-yourselfers seem to practice common sense and have become extremely skilled at figuring things out.
The problem is, some of these things don't work well.
I'm here to give the average do-it-yourselfer, some advice about stair safety.
Repair any loose stair treads.
Loose stair treads usually don't tighten up by themselves.
As a matter of fact, the commonsense do-it-yourself mentality that I was just talking about, would suggest that it's only going to get worse.
Replace damaged stair parts.
One of the biggest problems with unsafe stairs is damaged parts.
Replacing these parts is the key to maintaining a safe set of stairs that you and your family can walk up and down safely.
Fix loose and damaged stair handrails.
You might find this hard to believe, but the stair handrail is actually there for one very important reason.
It's there to prevent most people from falling off of the stairway.
Make sure that you have a gripable handrail.
Every stairway should have a secure gripable handrail for anyone using the stairway to grab on to, while walking up and down.
This is a bigger problem for people who have disabilities.
Walking up and down stairs without something to hold on to safely, can become extremely difficult.
In the beginning of the article I mentioned common sense and it doesn't apply to everyone.
I've seen extremely intelligent people who I consider to have a lot of common sense, avoid fixing problems and making their stairs safe.
Loose stair treads, damaged stair parts, wiggly handrails and stairs without something to grab on to while walking up and down the stairs safely, need to be fixed and repaired as soon as possible.
That's the best do-it-yourselfer advice I could give anyone who does or doesn't have any common sense.

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