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How to Stop a Puppy From Chewing

If your new puppy is destroying your shoes, furniture and anything else he can get his teeth on, you need to figure out how to stop a puppy from chewing non-puppy toys and teach him as soon as the chewing begins.
When your puppy is younger than six months, he will go through teething just like babies do.
Teething can be quite painful for the little guy.
You can wrap some gauze around your finger and rub his gums for him which will be soothing.
The only method for your puppy to rub his gums is by chewing.
That must feel really good to him.
Not all puppies are chewing due to teething, but that's the first thing you would want to consider.
If your puppy is chewing, due to teething, beside rubbing his gums for him, you can take an old rag of some sort and soak it in water, wring it out, twist it tightly into a rope and then freeze it.
While your puppy is teething you can put him in the utility room (non-carpet area) and let him chew away.
That works great if you're too busy at the moment to rub his gums.
You can wash, wring, twist and freeze the rag repeatedly.
Be sure to keep an eye on him while he is chewing, because you don't want him just chewing on a towel or rag, because he might just think that's okay.
Make sure he only has the rag while it is frozen.
It may even be a good idea to freeze two or three of these ropes so when one is thawing, you will have a replacement for him.
How to stop a puppy from chewing can be solved by filling up his water bowl with ice cubes.
Most dogs love ice cubes, but puppies love them because they give them some teething relief.

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